Meet the Maker, Part 1: Chef Veronica Duran

Our Meet the Makers series takes us to Las Vegas! We are excited to be in Sin City and are even more excited to introduce you to Chef Veronica Duran. Chef Duran and her team are responsible for producing The Makery chews in Las Vegas. She was kind enough to take some time out of her hectic schedule to answer some questions about her culinary journey and share some insights about herself.

What is your name and where are you from? 

My name Veronica Duran, I was born in El Paso, Texas. My Dad worked in the government, so I traveled a lot when I was growing up, the longest place I lived was in San Juan, Puerto Rico (9 1/2years)

Why did you want to become a chef?

My love for Pastry and Culinary Arts has always been a passion. I have always wanted to own and operate a bakery with authentic pastries, cakes, coffee and teas

Did you go to Culinary School? If so, which one?

Yes, I attended and graduated from The Art Institute of Las Vegas

Tell us about your culinary background?

When I was younger, I was in Customer Service and Management for Culinary, I worked for the House of Blues Foundation Room and N9NE Group here in Las Vegas. I then managed a French Fine Dining Restaurant in Edina, Minnesota (LOUIS XIII). I transitioned into Real Estate and Show Biz shortly after but found my passion for Culinary was unfinished, so I attended Culinary School, and worked as a Baker and Pastry Assistant for an Italian Restaurant named Esther’s Kitchen in the Las Vegas Art District. I then started assisting a Food Network Chef here in Las Vegas. I helped assist her in opening Queen of Hearts, assisted with several events and appeared on TV episodes with her for a Vegas TV network. She was the person responsible for introducing me to the cannabis edibles industry.

What are your Hobbies/Interests outside of the kitchen?

I have a LOVE for wine, wineries and vodka. I come from a Latin family, so spending time with friends and family is my #1. I also love to travel and see new places and try new foods.

Favorite Animal?

Elephant, but I am in love with my Red Nose Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Bailey.

Favorite Food?

Anything Italian or Mexican Cuisine

Favorite Food Item to Prepare at Home?

Any flavor of Cheesecake or Chile Con Queso Dip

We are confident Chef Veronica Duran is going to lead a successful team in our Las Vegas kitchen. In part 2 of our Meet the Makers series, Chef Duran shares with us a small glimpse of the craftsmanship she puts into The Makery and what her personal cannabis experience is like.

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