Cannabis Cookie Products

The Makery offers sweet, flavorful cookies that are sure to satisfy cookie lovers everywhere! You can find The Makery Cookies exclusively at Mayflower stores in Massachusetts.

Chocolate Chip

Everyone’s favorite cookie just got better. Loads of savory chocolate chips packed into delicious bite-size cookies with the perfect touch of crunch. Available in 5mg or 10mg dosages.


Peanut Butter

The heavenly taste of peanut butter paired with rich brown sugar makes these cookies undeniably delicious. Consider your cravings satisfied with the sublime soft texture and unrivaled flavor. Available in 5mg or 10mg dosages.


Oatmeal Craisin

Go crazy for our vegan Oatmeal Craisin cookies! These soft and chewy cookies are loaded with sweet cranberries. Baked to perfection with golden brown edges, they are sure to be your new go-to treat! Available in 5mg or 10mg dosages.

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A classic crunchy Snickerdoodle suits all cookie-lovers. Dusted with a light layer of cinnamon, enjoy these tasty treats morning, noon, or night. Available in 5mg or 10mg dosages.


We partner with local dispensaries in the Massachusetts and Nevada Areas.

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