Cannabis Edible Products

The Makery chews offer a delectable line of sweet, fruity and refreshing bold flavors that leave you wanting more!

The Makery Peach Mango Cannabis Chews

Peach Mango

The luscious blend of sliced fuzzy peaches and golden mangos make up our delicious Peach Mango. This tropical and exotic flavor adds a succulent taste just like the sweet, ripe and plump fruits.

The Makery Blue Raspberry Cannabis Chews

Blue Raspberry

Blue Raspberry offers a ripe and loud tart flavor that awakens your taste buds. A burst of excitement with a fruity after taste that offers a wild experience.

Medical Cannabis Edibles AZ, NV, MD

Blood Orange

Treat yourself to our delightful Blood Orange. This unique and sweet flavor is a variety of ruby red oranges with a fresh aroma that offers a juicy and crisp taste on your palate.

Cannabis Edibles AZ

Watermelon Punch

Watermelon Punch is a smooth and sweet refreshing flavor that brings your senses back to summertime. The kick of fruit punch in the end brings a variety of berries, pineapples and mixed fruit that keeps you guessing on all the flavors that make your mouth water.

Medical Cannabis Edibles

Berry Lemonade

Our Berry Lemonade includes a mouthful of sweet juicy berries and a twist of zesty lemonade. With a fresh balance of sweet and tangy that will leave you wanting more.


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