The Amazing Edible

While cannabis edibles have seen their fair share of innovation over the years, it is the tiny, tasty and very colorful gummies that have taken the industry by storm.  

What makes these innocent looking treats so popular?  They are packed with flavor and easy to eat quickly.  According to, not only are the delicious, but technically they have also risen to the top for a few reasons:

  1. Easy to dose
  2. Can be eaten anywhere, anytime
  3. Preserve well over time
  4. Won’t melt

Daniel Brenner of Leafly states “Gummies aren’t just a fan favorite among consumers, companies that produce edibles also love them. Every gummy in a batch has to have the same THC percentage. If not, they don’t pass testing. This process is much easier with gummies than with baked goods and chocolates.”(1)

There are also some health benefits that have been observed from consuming edible cannabis.  These products are often used to treat chronic pain, cancer related symptoms and anxiety.  THC may induce feelings of euphoria and relaxation, and is believed to be the primary compound responsible for pain relieving effects of cannabis. CBD, which is the non-intoxicating compound in cannabis, has been shown to have anxiety reducing and anti-inflammatory properties. (2)

CBD is an anti-oxidant that protects the body and brain by removing harmful molecules called free radicals.  CBD has also been shown to interact with two specific parts of the brain that can reduce anxiety and depression, promote relaxation, improve focus and facilitate sleep.  In some cases, it can help stabilize blood sugar levels so that peaks and valleys aren’t so pronounced. (3)

Edible Gummies are a powerhouse in the cannabis industry for so many reasons. More and more research is being done on their ample health and wellness benefits.

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