Dosing with Edibles

With more and more states legalizing cannabis use for medical purposes, the number of medical cannabis patients has increased. While medical marijuana has many benefits, not all treatment methods work the same way.  Smoking marijuana has been shown to potentially help with most medical conditions but there are definitely some that edibles could potentially help treat better. (1)

CBD and THC, two of the most popular active ingredients in cannabis, have been shown to work well to relieve pain.  Edibles deliver a more potent amount of both, providing faster pain relief when needed.  Also, edibles last longer than the effects of smoking a joint, bong or pipe.  This means the pain relief from cannabis lasts longer when it’s delivered by an edible. 

Cancer is one of the diseases that can benefit most from edibles.  Studies have shown that high doses of CBD can actually shut down cancer’s ability to spread, potentially saving millions of lives all over the world.  Edibles can potentially help with the pain, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting and fatigue that often are side effects of cancer treatments like chemotherapy and radiation.  Edibles can also potentially help with the chronic pain that comes from living with cancer, as many people are doing now that there are more effective and targeted medical treatment for cancer patients. (1)

Lupus is an auto-immune musculoskeletal disease, causing intense musculoskeletal pain, inflammation and fatigue.  Cannabis has been shown to suppress the immune system by activating myeloid derived suppressor cells, which may help lupus sufferers by dampening the hyperactivity of the immune system.  Cannabis studies indicate that it can keep the immune system from switching on the inflammatory response. There have also been many studies that show edibles to have the ability to potentially relieve pain for long periods of time. (2)

Crohn’s, an inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) which effects the digestive tract, is one of the best medical conditions edibles can potentially help treat. (1)  As mentioned before, the CBD in edibles can potentially help reduce pain, which occurs during digestion in Crohn’s sufferers.  Edibles pain relief happens rapidly by delivering CBD directly to the stomach and digestive tract.  CBD aids in digestion while THC increases appetite, making edibles an optimal treatment for Crohn’s patients as it can potentially contribute to a much better quality of life. (3)

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