Cannabis Edibles for Body Pains

Cannabis for Body Pains

Cannabis is a naturally growing herb that works wonders on the various body aches and pains we can feel day-to-day. The numerous cannabinoids and terpenes that exist within cannabis enter our bodies, get processed by the endocannabinoid system, and used to de-escalate inflammation, cramping, soreness, and other uncomfortable aches or pains. In this industry of legal cannabis, there are endless choices on the form of consumption for cannabis. The beauty is that every method works, and people get to choose based on preference. Today, let’s dive into why edibles are such a great option for body pains.

Why Eat When I Could Smoke?

Imagine being somebody that has no issue with consuming cannabis via smoke or vape – what need would this person have for edibles? How could that end up more beneficial? Well, there are some very distinct differences between the two consumption methods and how they operate within the body. 

Smoking or vaping cannabis offers a rather immediate effect on the body – which is certainly nice. However, with a quicker onset, comes a quicker end. Smoking and vaping does not typically last as long and will require more frequent dosing throughout the day. Considering that this act requires putting smoke into your lungs, higher frequency does not seem optimal and is clearly not the healthiest choice. 

Eating cannabis-infused products spares your lungs and won’t leave you smelling like weed. Edibles also have a significantly larger window of effectiveness within the body. Since the products must be processed through your digestive system, it takes the body longer to break down the various cannabinoids and therefore can allow for pain relief for several hours. The only trade off is that edibles do not typically kick in immediately – it can take 20 minutes to an hour to feel the pain relief set in.


Ultimately each consumer has the choice of how they consume. If the consumer is properly educated on the pros and cons of smoking/vaping versus ingesting an edible, they can make the best decision for their personal situation. Overall, edibles are the most preferred for chronic pain due to the length of relief they offer.

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