The Makery Full-Spectrum Gummies Are Here!

Here at The Makery, we are always committed to “making things better” and that is no exception when it comes to our newly formulated full-spectrum gummies! If you’re wondering what full-spectrum gummies are, we’ve put together a list of commonly asked questions and hope this information is helpful.

What Is Full-Spectrum?

Full-spectrum cannabis oil contains all of the plant’s cannabinoids and terpene profiles. While many cannabis edibles are made with distillate, edibles made with full-spectrum cannabis oil promote the entourage effect consumers are looking for. The closer you can get to the plant, the more complex the profile and greater modulation of THC.

How is Full-Spectrum Cannabis Oil Made?

Full-spectrum cannabis oil can be extracted using a solvent or solventless process. CO2 and hydrocarbon extraction are common processes used to extract full-spectrum cannabis oil. Both processes allow manufacturers to retain oil that has similar chemistry to the plant. This means the final product is as close you can get to the plant at the time of harvest.

Why Full-Spectrum Cannabis Oil?

What you will experience are the full cannabinoid and terpene profiles the plant has to offer. Another benefit to full-spectrum cannabis oil is the consistent, reliable experience you get with each dose. If you want consistency from your edible experience, then look no further than our full-spectrum gummies. Experience hard-hitting and long-lasting gummies from The Makery made with full-spectrum cannabis oil.

Us Vs Them

What makes our full-spectrum gummies different than the competition? We cultivate, extract and produce the full-spectrum oil in house. This means we are not reliant on a 3rd party to provide us with oil. Every part of the process from cultivation to creation allows us to provide a consistent and reliable experience to our consumers.

Where Can I Find Full-Spectrum Gummies?

You can find full-spectrum gummies through our product finder. Our gummies are available in indica, sativa and hybrid. Experience sweet, fruity and refreshing bold flavors with full-spectrum cannabis oil from The Makery!